Key Loops


Yayyyy.... they are here.

In the relentless pursuit of bringing our members goodies and value for money we have now secured a limited number of Ducati Community key loops:). Some of you, who recently ordered cam belts or starter kits from our Forum Trader @Exige, may have already received one of these exclusive key loops with your order. Now however, we have a limited quantity available without having to order complementary Ducati service items. They truly are limited, once gone they are gone and will not be repeated.

In the best Peckham Trader spiel :ROFLMAO: we are giving away not one, not two but THREE of these exclusive items for just one of your five pound notes, AND that even includes delivery.

So, how to order? Simply click on your User name/Avatar in the menu bar above, select Account upgrades from the options and then select Key Fobs. You will then be able to pay via PayPal and with the wonders of modern technology (provided your PayPal account details are correct) our post room will not only receive your order but also receive your address to which the goodies should be posted.

Any questions please ask below.

ps. before someone asks - Technical specs : Plastic & metal, 4" long, non-reflective.