Desmo servicing?

Barry Hell

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That’s what I thought.

Mind you the padding in my 25 year old Arai is a bit thin these days, I wouldn’t want to put it to the test so it’s in the back of the cupboard since a couple of years back, not sure why I’m keeping it really🤔.

Anyway, I checked for a date on my other helmets and couldn’t find one so have no idea how old they are 😕
I dropped mine last year, it was 18 1/2, the drop left a nasty divot so I persuaded Mrs Hell to go half's on a replacement for christmas 🤶 otherwise I'd still be using it. 🤣 Again, magazines get paid to say thou shalt replace every 5 years with thine tyres 🙄


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They do need to sell new helmets... And unlike computers and mobile phones, they can't really build in any obsolescence, so dire warnings of doom are the only alternative.

Here with the climate, heat and high humidity, the internals go all icky even with good care and 6 or 7 years seems to be about the limit.