What the feck have you done today?


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Currently insulating the kitchen ceiling, did the outside walls yesterday.... not a permeant thing as the wall / ceilings are coming down in the spring.
10m2 done already, another 10m2 to do, the other ceiling is already done.


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Today i went out on the 900ie for a spin to Salisbury, parked up had a walk about and was going to get a pastie but there was a massive que so fuck that so i decided to go back home, my head isn't in the right place today, so on the way back that fucking bolt that holds that holds the fairing on came off again ffs so rode home at a sensible speed i didn't want to rip the fairing off.
Anyway got back had a look around my bits and bobs box and found a replacement so whacked that in and now all good, the amount of times that bits and bobs box has helped me out i've lost count, don't know what i would do without it.(y)


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Loctite blue?
It's one of those rubber bungs that that you push into a tube that connects to the frame with a threaded piece in the middle, i can't think what they are called, you screw in and it expands to hold it tight, i put some thread locker on it this time and it's well tight.(y)
I'm sure someone knows what they are called?


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Finished my noggins, packed the joists with slate and did half of the floorboards today 🥵


Don Kiddick

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Not today, but the last few days
I’ve made a trifle



Went for a bimble on the BM, to a place I associate with one of my friends who died, it would have been her birthday.



Then yesterday I went to the Sportsbike shop in Leeds, ‘cos I thought they’d got one of these in stock


They hadn’t and they don’t know when new stock will arrive.
I called at Squires for a cuppa and a cheese and onion pastie (sorry no photo), then came home the long way…