The Trackdays picture thread - post your pics here


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Donnington GP 03/09/2020 Ducati SS
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Bloody big straw he's using, I take it chiz is in the picture behind the railing slurping the heineken?

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Good memories..
You don't remember riding it after your engine went? Brett and Jo were there. That is about as much as I remember. It's not me riding and photoshop lol.
Yes and I remember telling you I got the back out by chopping down the box a few gears too many.. you wernt pleased! In my defence I hadn't riden a jap bike in 20 years apart from at Haslem's race school. I forgot they have fuck all engine braking


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Couldn't find a trackdays vid thread and didn't think it worth creating one.

It's only a minute or so long so watch it you bastards :love:

This is a very short private training track and as twisty as a kart track. It was 34C and after 2 hours (with some breaks and getting yelled at), I was knackered and sopping wet. Good stuff, I'll be back for more (y)



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Here are pictures from last August & September when my son, his girlfriend and I went to a few trackdays. One of the tracks is actually a driving instruction course at a local community college where we worked on advanced riding skills and not racing. This was my first season doing this so I started at Level 1 on my Monster. They rented Supermotos and rode in Levels 2 & 3. I graduated to Level 2 so the next weekend out, my son(Level 4) and I shared the KTM and his girlfriend rode the Monster (their bikes are in storage in Washington D.C.). Brainerd International Raceway(BIR) is an actual racetrack. My son did an official trackday there. His girlfriend and I scooted around on a little 125 to different locations to get different views of the bikes going around the course. The Pani belongs to a guy we met, he rides in Level 6. We met a lot of people with Ducati's. It will be fun to get out again this Spring.

This was at the end of the weekend at BIR.

Below is Me on the KTM

Me on the Monster.

Son's Girlfriend on the Monster

Girlfriend and Son on the rented bikes

My son at BIR.