The Members' Ducati Showroom & June Bike Of The Month contest


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Post photos of your own Ducatis in this thread. The one with the most votes each month wins the Bike Of The Month (BOTM) award and gets featured on the front page for the following month πŸ‘

At the end of each month the previous months entries will get moved into a new thread and entries can then be posted in this thread for the current month's competition. Note the bike photos which came 2nd & 3rd will automatically be carried over into the next month as will one wildcard entry.

How do you vote?

Next to each post you will see an up and a down arrow with a number in between. Depending how you are viewing the thread the vote mechanism will be underneath the post on a mobile and to the right of the post on a desktop. Either vote the photo up or down. You can only vote once and you can't vote for your own entry.
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I thought the idea was to maybe produce a calendar of the winners, so an interesting backdrop (or at least scenic) was called for.

Up to now we have - A great big wooden shed, a STOP sign, a hedge and a security hut. :LOL:
At least mine is arty and taken by a foxy lady Photographer called Hana from Prague πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ