Ratings Emojis - why haven’t I got any?

Want to rate other people’s posts with 👍 or 🤣 or 💩 or even 🤦‍♂️ (yes, the facepalm is back👍)?

Well, you need to be a subscriber.

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Honestly, what sort of character bans people from forums 😳

Threatening, racist, over the top stuff then yeah I get it, but rarely do you see enough to get banned for. Look at Visordown years ago and the KTM Forum now, the eclectic mix is what makes a forum and most people know where the line is

Maybe they had their dinner money nicked off them at school daily ?


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Popped over the dark side and saw some them blowing smoke up the arse of the poison dwarf it’s quite funny 😂
Yep, Mary mentioned people bailing due to the mods - looks like he's had a look in here as I have just been blocked (for being here I guess) unless he read some of my PM's to people notifying them where Chizel was :unsure: that just sums him up nicely.