Perfectly Good Conservatory for sale


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A conservatory for a pair of used wheels. Madness!

This has to come down this week. I’m redeveloping the back of the house. All the glass panels are perfectly good, none blown. They are joined together by cams so should come apart ok.Roof system screws together with stainless self tappers.

One of the twinwall roof panels is damaged as we had to put a scaffold pole through it and for some unknown reason the Mrs took the finial to the dump! ( Work that one out, it’s beyond me)!

The secondary door lock got stuck so that needs sorting. It does open and shut fine and the primary door locks it so it’s not really an issue, it’s just not as perfect as the rest of it. It’ll be coming down Thursday or Friday I guess. Immediate pick up. I had sold it but the guy has changed his plans.

This cost me over £20k, I’d be happy to swap it for a pair of good used Marchesini wheels or the money to buy a pair, which is about a grand £. So it’s cheap as chips. See below.

You can have everything except the walls, hahaa, see pics. Or just the windows and doors if you prefer. It can be put back together in any arrangement you like, doesn’t have to be like it is now.

I reckon it’ll go into a long wheelbase van except for the long roof diagonals. I’ll see if I can measure them.

It measures 3.86w x 5.52m L, internal dimensions to widows. So approx 4 x 5.7m

Location west London, pick up needs to be Thursday or Frida, maybe Saturday. Grab a bargain.




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I fancy some of these, so surely it’s a good deal however you look at it. Don’t know what the Mrs will think but she’s getting a new kitchen!

Anybody got a decent used pair off an 1198?


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@Sambo I'm interested but can you let me know what the roof is made of? I can't tell if it is glass or the more basic plastic panels.