Moss Lane circular

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New member
From Junction 27 on M6 in a circle and back (But you can take a detour to Southport for candy floss)

Turn off at junction 27 on M6
Take A5209 heading west
After 1/2 mile take 2nd right onto Moss Lane
After about 1 mile take a right onto Courage Low Lane, be careful this turning appear over a brow of a hill.
Continue onto Smithy Brow Lane then Bannister green until you meet with an off angeled T junction, turn left onto the Green (B5250)
Through Eccelston
Be careful with the bend on the hump back bridge
At the junction with Southport Road turn left onto A581
Stay on this road a couple of miles till you see a little chef on left then turn next left but you will still be on A581
Take it easy through the village of Croston then once on the other side you will take a 90 right handed and over the hill
From here still on the A591 you have a wonderful set of sweepers but be careful there are two right handers that may catch you out.
You eventually come to a T junc with A59 - CHOICE right for Southport and cakes or left to complete the Moss Lane Circular

Left - Take A59 to Rufford
After 1 mile turn left sign posted for the station (B5246) Station Road
Stay on B5246 heading for Parbold
You will reach a T junction turn left up the hill this road takes you back to Junc 27

If you want to ride this then PM me and I will show you round


Pink Totty
I reckon if we get the bikes back on the road int eh next week we might take you up on a guiding of this route as you are only just up the road :)


New member
No problem if you want to make a day of it, once we have done the circle I will take you to Rivy then over Belmont and up to Hogton Towers via the lanes.

I will post these other routes soon, plus Knott End, Glasson and many more.