Mobile Bike Mechanic/Electrician


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Just had A bike sale potentially fall through for the second time in 6 months due to dodgy electrics on a Yamaha YBR125.

Interested party came to look at the bike yesterday, had put the battery on charge before hand and it started up fine.
Came to collect today, started it up no worries again.
Then went to ride it away and dash was showing power and engine ticking over on starter but Engine Management light flashing, then after turning ignition off....nothing. Dead. No lights on dash or anything. Now hooked back up to charger but doesnt seem to be doing anything. Same thing happened in December and swapped out battery for a brand new one but not the issue....Got it down to Jim Allan to diagnose and it was an issue with the ignition switch. Possibly now same issue again having sat for 6 months in Garage. Problem is Jim Allan arent able to do customer collection of bikes and even then if we can get it to them theres a 7-10 day wait to even look at it.

Anyone know anyone that could come out and diagnose/fix in in the central belt/Falkirk area?

Thanks in Advance.