Let Go of Anger – Road Rage is Not Worth It

Randy David

New member
For drivers, road rage does not need any introduction. But for those who do not understand this phenomenon, road rage is the aggressive and out-of-the-ordinary behavior of some drivers. It could be the result of years of piled up anger, road gridlock, stress, loud music, tailgating and making obscene gestures to other drivers, etc.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: road rage is not worth it. Here is an incident narrated by a reddit user,

“I didn't see what caused the incident, however I saw the motorcycle rider come right along side the car and made some gestures towards the driver in the car and then the motorcycle rider kicked the side of the car. The bike tried to speed away but the car followed. The car ended up rear ending the guy on the bike and drove right over him. I stopped and helped as much as I could until paramedics arrived, however the motorcycle rider eventually died at the hospital.”

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