Ladies kit


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Calm yourselves fella's, it's a ladies thread.

I remember a group of ladies with the support of Frank thomas, Launched a more aimed at ladies brand of motorcycle wear and accessories, I believe in 2006? It may have been called lady rider?

I know certianly for one partner who had her own bike and was also a horsey lady too, she had a lot of issues particularly around boots, It seemed and this is a generalisation, that mens calves seem to be higher up the leg and ladies calves seemed to be lower and as such mens boots were often a problem and with there being a low amount of choices in female motorcycling range, she often ended up buying the ankle boot instead rather than the full leg protection

So ladies, what kit have you bought, what kit/pieces of kit did you have issues with and what was your resolution? This thread is more by ladies for other lady riders and pillions to help with riding kit and acessories


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Well if I don’t reply no one will

hate the lady brands myself and FT & don’t wear any textiles

I spent £££ on a BKS kangaroo made to measure two piece 8 years ago - still fits and looks like new, money well spent

I have got lady Daytona’s which I’ve had about 9 years - men’s do fit but they come a bit high up my shins.

gloves are rukkas for winter & some Scott ones for summer - again all about 8 years old

So apart from helmet (Schubert SR2) all the above is over 8 years old

merino leggings and we’re good to go! And I’ve probably done near on 40k in that time :)


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I remember having to deal with FT, I found them an awkward and distastefull company. This was in 2006

I remember when they launched the lady ranges they seemed to spend more on advertising that they had a lady range, than the development and stock levels. It seemed more virtue signalling than a genuine attempt to listen to women motorcyclists whether rider or pillion's needs


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I found as a pillion I cud wear the ladies curvy suck it all in look sexy stand about doing nothing but damn I cud not ride in them and too old to care any more 🤣

as a rider you need to be comfy toured through France into Italy with oxford Kevlar jeans good old faithful sidis Dainese Ducati textile jacket n Ducati gloves all bedded in and soooo comfy always wear agv pista helmets got a few
also got dainese ducati made to measure one piece sort of ride like a loon in leathers so u no it’s playtime when out in leathers 🤪