Kawasaki super Sherpa/Yamaha tricker

Ok so selling one or the other so sticking it on here before advertising as I’m with both bikes on Sunday to clean the tricker up a bit and remove stickers etc

Sherpa is a good bike with only 7,000 km on it, it’s had a service within last 6 months and done probably 20 miles since, also had new pads as not the best stopping power on the front and I do not know if new pads have improved it, it’s a bit of slow starter in very cold weather which is a trait of those but I did get a jet kit by sigma performance fitted again not sure it improved much

Be after £2300 for Sherpa but I’ll be advertising at £2500 elsewhere see what happens as they are popular bikes and rare with low seat height and relatively light bikes, my preference veers towards keeping it my mrs prefers to keep it.
Two small dents in tank and a bit of engine case flaking

Last owner 12 years, I have had it about 18 months.

Yamaha tricker I have not even rode it but my friend has and rates it a fun bike, light and narrow and very capable, guy I bought it off had used it a fair bit and even bought the spare wheels for doing enduro on, both bikes electric start

I bought tricker a few months back and it went straight to my mates with the Sherpa and work and the current situation has made it impossible to get to them but on Sunday I’ll get to them

I paid a lot for the tricker £2600 but they are again rare and they do come up at over 3k usually, it’s got play in the swingarm but creeps through mot somehow, starting is an art like a lot of these old things but my mate has been running it a bit in North Yorkshire and he really likes it

Comes with spare wheels and nobblies and different sprockets for more serious off road, it’s a cool bike lots on YouTube about both bikes

So £2395 Ono Yamaha
£2300 Ono Sherpa

Delivery can be arranged and in no rush at all as new bike is a way off


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Sold the Yamaha so job jobbed for now, probably keep the Sherpa unless a great offer comes in or my little plan changes but at moment it’s now getting a Montesa buddy