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I need a cover note to register my new Ducati

Bennets are IDIOTS and I'll never insure with them again. I have a current policy with them that I can transfer but only with a Registration number !

Even after explaining I don't have this yet due to DVLA Registration process and requirements they ask again and then state I'll need to pay £50 to cancel the policy then start a new one when I get it registered !!!!! FFS !!!

Who do you use or recommend, it's a pain I can do without every year with more than 1 bike !

Thanks, BP


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Recently re-insured both my bikes. I went cheapest with the post office. I’m very surprised at how good their customer service is and they have great online system of docs and stuff.

Only downsides are that they couldn’t do me a multi bike policy and will not insure bikes located away from my house.


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The supplying dealer should have a list of registration numbers allocated to them for new registrations by DVLA and they should be able to tell you which number will be allocated to bike. When I bought the Scrambler and the Supersport Ducati Glasgow were able to tell me the registration numbers about a week before the purchase dates.


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When I bought a new BMW many years ago, the dealer had a list of numbers I could choose one from to be allocated to the bike, this allowed me to insure it a few days prior to the pick up date.
I would imagine from what Derek says about dealers having access to available number this is still the case, if they had access to available numbers in the seventies by phone, fax etc., I would think in this computer driven age access is even easier to find available numbers..... Then again!:rolleyes:


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LV happily insured my NSR250 on its VIN. Only lasts for 30 days before they require a VRM, but perfectly OK. Also do reductions if other things insured with them.


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Having the number before had doesn't help anyway,It will not show on any insurance company database as it won't be regisered yet. Catch 22 need cover to register can't get cover without number ?????
Deal with these idiots everyday. Just people who don't know what to do. Computer says no.