Important - Read Before Submitting New Road


This section is dedicated to good roads on a Ducati, please only list roads that are good for the V twins not supermotos, IL4's etc.

Ok, its easy enough to add a new road but you must follow this guide, I can't alter the poll criteria once the thread is submitted so you have to get it right first time. if you are unsure drop Gizmo a private message with all the road details etc and he'll add it.

Here we go

Keep this browser window open and open a second window for the thread or print this bit, you can copy and paste the text from here into the poll if you keep this window open.

Go to the correct regional forum for your road, pick the start point if it covers more than one region forum
click "new thread"

give the thread the title Axxx where xxx is the road number, change it to B if its a B road etc etc. Doing this means you can sort htreads later in alphabetical view.

In the message window enter a description of the road, where from too etc

Scroll down to additional options

tick "yes" post a poll with this thread

enter 7 as number of poll options

hit "submit thread"

another screen appears


Poll Question type in - What did you think of the road/route
Number of poll options = 7
Option 1 type in Once was enough thank you
Option 2 type in Enjoyable, worth doing again
Option 3 type in Weehah, get me back there now
Option 4 type in Good fun on an SBK
Option 5 type in Good fun on Monster/ST or MTS
Option 6 type in Worth it for the views/scenery
Option 7 type in Recommended

Now, this bit is very important, I cannot amend it afterwards

scroll down to Miscellaneous Options
Allow multiple choice: Give users the ability to select more than one answer you must tick yes here


Make votes public: Displays all users who voted, and what choice they voted for. you must tick yes here

Automatically parse links in text - leave ticked

hit submit thread and you are done and can enter your vote

Any questions find Gizmo or ask in the feedback forum