How do accidents happen?

A major new study by the IAM in the cause of serious road accidents:

I'll give you a clue, it's not speeding...

it's driver/rider error or reaction, although driving too fast for the conditions is another large contributor

The overriding message? It's not your car or the "road conditions" that are most likely to kill you. It's your own driving. Men are more often 'careless, reckless or in a hurry', or 'travelling too fast for conditions'. Women are more likely to be 'inexperienced', but less likely to have been drinking.
Age is a factor. Older drivers more frequently fail to look properly while younger ones are more likely to be going too fast, either for the limit, or the conditions.
Time of day is important; between 7pm-7am 'loss of control' is the key factor while at other times, it's the familiar 'failed to look properly'. Motorists are more likely to be 'distracted or impaired' at weekends (17 per cent) than on weekdays (10 per cent).
"Drivers can learn a lot by reading this and if you take just one thing away from it," says Greig, "it's that paying a little more attention, taking that little bit more time to look properly, will save your life. Mostly, crashes aren't about cars going dramatically out of control and up in smoke. It's small errors suddenly having greater consequences. But if you are a good, trained driver, you can avoid becoming a statistic." And you'll get to that appointment on time, too.


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In other words:

7pm-7am: loss of control: Boy racers in their "its-lowered-so-it-must-handle-better-which-means-I-can-take-this-junction-at-80mph" Corsas and Saxos

weekends: distracted & impairement: "If you three don't stop bloody fighting in the back, I'll...." *CRASH* <game over>

weekdays: distracted & impairement: "Hello? Yes, I'm in the car! What was that? You want me to..." *CRASH* "hang on honey I think a biker hit me!"

Old drivers: Failed to look properly: "Honey, these are my reading glasses! Good job I know this junction off by heart, or I'd"...*CRASH*...."honey did you hear something? Was that from the archers?"


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this shows what a lot of us have been aware of for a long time. But the big question is how long before the lobby groups take it in to account if ever.