From where to buy aftermarket parts in Europe ? Please help

Hello friends. I am planning few trackdays later this month but I still cant find a proper protection for my Bike. I will go with my 1199s which has nothing....
I was planning to order some RG stuffs but I forgot that the UK left the European Union and now it will take more time than I have.
Please suggest me any good website with available items (not by order) so I can get them in Bulgaria before 21th July.

The parts I am looking for are:

Front and rear axle sliders
Engine case/ with sliders if possible/ both sides
Tank protectors left and right or full tank cover
Lockstop savers

Thank you so much.


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Nothing available there. Order takes more than a 3 weeks.
I am not looking for RG only. Any other suggestion can be helpful
I also think that RG are overrated but they offer what I am looking for.

The CNC is a little expensive but still affordable. The problem is the same. Nothing available in Bulgaria and it takes more time than directly buy it from Italy.
I also looked for a T-Rex (It doesnt seems ugly to me) but when I asked them Does they ship to Bulgaria, time, money ? They answered me only "Yes" after 2 days :D
Guys, Just to let u know that I ordered the stuffs directly from CNCracing. They promised me that I will have them before 22th of July.

The other thing I want to ask is how to remove the passenger's foot pegs with this full termignoni. The pipes are so big that I cant remove the bolts. Any suggestion ?


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This shows you how to FIT pillion pegs to an 899 Pani and it shows you how to install, so should be the opposite for the removal of the pegs

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Its so weird, we in the UK are bitching about only being able to buy stuff in Europe and sometimes getting caught with delays and charges ( I have been OK thus far luckily) while our European brethren are dong the same about buying stuff in the UK ....

There must be a moral in here somewhere I think??? :D


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I would recommend pptuning.
Guys. I went to the track with CNC Protectors. They arrived just 1 day before I go and I manage to mount them.
For my luck.. they saved my bike from a low side. This was my first time at Motorpark Romania (amazing track) and I felt really good until I crashed.
Not big damages on the bike

The left clip on broke, the clutch lever, footpeg and the shifter turned a little and by tail fairing got a broken tongs.

Now I am looking for:

1. Racing fairings (I saw that ducati offers really good ones but I dont know from what material they are. Can I fix them with fiberglass or not ?)
2. New levers (I want something with good price (not overpriced) but not chinese . Also I want folding levers who offer only the final part for future purchase.)
3. Rear set (Something good at price/quality)