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Forum Traders - how it works

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This section is for our Forum Traders, those businesses that very kindly provide either their professional services and/or advice relating to your Ducati to all ‘Forum Members’ or discounts on goods to ‘Forum Subscribers’ for their products..

In this section you will find a series of articles that have been created by our Forum Traders, each article tells you about their business and how they can help you.

Forum Traders may (but are not under any obligation to) offer you a discount on the following basis.

1. Contact them directly, they will verify you are a subscribing member and price your goods/services accordingly.

2. Some will provide a discount code within their article which you can use when purchasing goods in their online store to obtain the discount they offer.

3. Others, who would prefer you visit them in person, will provide a coupon as an attachment that can be printed off and handed to them at time of purchase in their store.

Should you wish to become a Forum Trader please just contact us ask and someone will get back to you asap.

To all our Forum Traders a great big THANK YOU for your support (y)
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