Fav road B743 Muirkirk to Strathaven road


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The really interesting section is Muirkirk to Dungavel (3.50 in the video), and it took me about 5 mins 15 secs on the monster S4. The video doesn't show how hard you and your suspension work on that road. You could ride it fifty times and never get it perfect. When I was learning to drive it was on that road, and on Saturdays you would drive along it and see the upturned cars that didn't make it home on Friday night. It's a suspension road, not a horsepower road, and I love it. There's a little car park as you arrive at Muirkirk where you can stop and un-cramp your forearms and hands and work out all the things you got wrong, then turn back and head back up to Dungavel...


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Or you can head from Muirkirk down to Douglas, onto Rigside and the Hyndford Bridge at Lanark then back ;)

s4 alan

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Stumbled upon this thread this morning, thought to myself why not, so just back from an excellent 100 mile jaunt. Followed the B743 as suggested, excellent technical ride, surface poor once you cross over into East Ayrshire though (not recommended for sports bikes!), then headed across to Ayr and back home to Glasgow via the old A77. Nice afternoon for it....