Ebay/Facebook etc Ducatis for sale

Links to Ducatis for sale on eBay or Facebook etc.
If you see one you think will be of interest post the link in this thread please.
The features that appear below this thread ⬇️⬇️⬇️ on the home page are members bikes for sale
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I saw one for £29k when I bought mine, some 9 years ago. It had a few miles on and was a few £k cheaper than anything else at the time.

Things have moved on in 9 years. (y)
Might be the same one, I was working in route 65 bike shop in ilkley and mark the owner also of motostrada told me one was doing the rounds in the trade at £29k

That’s cheap
They are going up 🧐 that’s not a nice example 👀

Sure fire investment. This is another owned by a forum member, but he's never told anyone. 🤫

Seems interesting, DUCATI MULTISTRADA 1200 ENDURO - 2016 - 17k MILES - FULLY LOADED ...Has a BIN of £8,850

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Not that shit again. Soon you'll be offering 10 bags of Wotsits for it. :oops: