DVT stock front pre-load setting


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So, I just got back from the land of the kilt, and decided I either need to lower the Mutley a bit, or change it - cos I am not 100% confident with the seat height.

I have wound up/in the rear springload (cos that was easy) somewhat and its so much better. The bike is lower now, but it still handles just the same as before I changed things. I wanna have a look at the front now to keep things in balance.

Mine is the non S model so no electronic suspension - (I didn't want electronic suspension, there is more than enough electrickery kicking off on the Multistrada DVT to keep any teenage arcade-aholic happy as it is) :)

I can find factory settings for everything except the front fork (Kayaba I think) stock preload setting. It has the usual ring system on the adjuster but I wanna know what that was out the factory if anyone can help, or what setting they run now even?

All my other bikes with adjustable suspension define the preload on the forks by the number of rings showing ... not the Multistrada it seems. I dont wanna know sag, etc settings - just how many rings show as standard on the front fork adjuster please :)