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Ducati Desmosedici RR Review & Buyer's Guide


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Agreed, everytime I think of Essex, conservation is the 1st thing I think of. 🤷‍♂️

The acronym 'CONSERVATION' of course...

Cosworths.....more power for the same size engine as a conventional car means quicker trip so less time on the road causing less congestion, easy
Offence......... mostly drug related but none of ya cheap shit, coke and not the fizzy type either, class.
Noobie 😰...... The only member in here to be properly banned from DF, surely brownie points there?
Soverign rings....Only in the area east of the A12 and west of Sarfend, otherwise known as Pikey land
Escort.....Gods mode of travel
Ram raid...See Soverign rings
Violence....Sadly, with travel restrictions, our young have not been able to travel to spain to keep match fit through the 18-30 fight club. Soon to be resolved
ASBO....Only those with fake louis Vitton tracksuits who tend to be from Romford wearing ankle trackers. Thankfully whilst labelled Essex, it is now under havering and redbridge control
Towie.... Has promoted huge amounts of industry such as spray tans, sunbed shops, velour sofa's, monochrome interiors and of course, Vajazzle's. What's not to like?
Incest....Your google maps is shit , have you used Perry's sat nav? I think you are mistaking Gods county for Norfolk and them six finger fukka's, how rude.
Offender....We tend to be less offended than any other county, pah
No comment... unless there is a cheque involved, makes sense

Corrected for you
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