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He is 85 and insists on taking his wife’s hand everywhere they go.

When he was asked why his wife kept looking away, he responded, “because she has Alzheimer's”.

Then he was asked, "will your wife worry if you let her go?" He then replied, ′′She doesn't remember anything, she doesn't know who I am anymore, she hasn't recognized me for years.”

“and you have continued to guide her every single day even though she doesn't recognize you?"

The elderly man smiled and said, ′′she may not know who I am, but I know who she is, and she is the love of my life"

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Mind you, this helmet provides 0 protection and would likely cause more injury in the event of a crash, it's still kinda cool.

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During the Tudor period, the average farm worker would consume 8 pints of Ale and 1 X 2lb loaf of bread a day.

Ale was the drink of choice as it was safer than water, it was served in all walks of life including schools. This was called small ale and had a low alcohol content.

This diet was pure carbohydrates and provided the energy these people needed to tend the fields and livestock. Vitamins would come from fruits found in the hedgerows or the occasional cabbage in a pottage.

Meat was part of the diet along with milk,eggs and fish if on the coast/river. Obviously some meats were reserved for feast days of the Saints before the reformation.

To cater for this vast need of wheat and barley, it works out that each person in England needed 6 acres of land per year to produce the rations.

It’s also worth remembering that Tudor era English commoners were some of the healthiest in Europe.