Coast to Coast on-road 2019

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As we seem to be in need of more bike stuff, I thought there`d be no harm to re share 2019 Morecambe to Scarborough Coast to Coast, on road.
(also France 2011 and Germany 2013 if anyone is interested)

My brother in Law, Sam, was new to bikes in 2019, he`d had some nifty 50`s but this was his first "big bike trip." I`d told him I was doing the Coast to Coast off road in June so he said lets do that in July, but on road, obviously. We booked an over night Air B&B room in Scarborough and that was it. Not really touring I know, we only did about 400 miles in total and could have done it in a day, but where`s the fun in that.

Set off Saturday morning, in the rain. Deja vu, not impressed (see Coast to Coast off road). I`d taped a piece of paper with the rough directions onto my tank, that blew off and was lost somewhere on the M180. Brilliant start.
The rain had just about stopped by the time we got to Ferrybridge, a coffee and croissant cheered me up a bit.
The rest of the motorway to Morecambe was dry but blah, nuff said.
Got to Morecambe about 10:30, dry and sunny but my freshly washed and polished bike was a mess.

Now for the fun bits. Heading for Hawes.
The stretch of road from Ingleton to Hawes, that I`d suffered so badly on a month ago, was dry and bathed in sunshine, bliss. Even stopped off at Ribblehead viaduct. Two sportsbikes heading down a rough track must have caught the many ramblers by surprise. Friendly waves instead of wanting to burn us at the stake made a nice change, even the most rabid ramblers loves the sound and sight of a Ducati. The sight of Sam following on his Honda will have pissed them off again no doubt.

Had a bite to eat in Hawes, then on to the Buttertubs Pass.
Rode to just outside Thwaite, then turned around and rode back. We stopped near a monument and got chatting to a couple in a Morgan car. I mentioned how, I loosely know a guy who owns one of the venues I used to compete off road at, he`s in the Morgan Owners club and has hosted some car events. When I told them his name they said " oh yes, we know him very well." Even on a high road in the Yorkshire Dales, it`s still a small world.



I tried to keep the Honda in the background but it managed to sneak to the front on one or two pictures :rolleyes:😂


Apart from one suicidal sheep, the Buttertubs was good, brilliant scenery.

Onwards, ever East.
Not long after stopping for fuel, I pull up at a junction somewhere near Thirsk. Sam, pulls along side me and gives me the international sign for I need a pee, waving what looks like a giant invisible fire hose in my general direction. I shake my head and give him a thumbs up, I toy with the idea of riding on for a bit to make him suffer but, I pull off the main road and down a lane. "She," then spends an age wandering up and down looking for a suitable spot before dropping panties and squatting down for a girly tinkle. Bloody Honda riders!!!
He got his revenge just outside Helmsley. As I was accelerating, a bloody pigeon flew straight into the front of my helmet, an explosion of feathers and one side of my visor has been pulled from my helmet. Sam has seen the whole thing, between bouts of hysterical laughter, he tells me the pigeon just flew off, minus a lot of feathers, as if nothing had happened, my visor is in one piece but the quick release catch on my helmet is broken. I manage to get the visor back on, it`s loose but as long as I don`t have it fully open it`s ok. Sam tells me again how he wishes he had a go pro.
£20 for a new catch was better than £40 for a new visor I suppose, but still..........bloody pigeon.

Made it to Scarborough, no wrong turns and an absolutely brilliant day out. Not so shabby considering I have no sense of direction.
Stopped at the Watermark Cafe for the now obligatory cuppa and cake.

Some old biffa managed to get in the picture 🙄

That`s better, fooked the old biffa off 😂

Now on to the house we were staying at, we found this place through AirBnB. I can`t compliment Sarah, Micheal and Alfie, their big German Shepherd cross, enough for making us feel welcome. Alfie is 19 months old and can rest his chin on the dining room table, obviously crossed with a donkey.

On arrival, Micheal offered to put our bikes in the back garden but a tight turn at the side of the house made this impossible with limited steering lock. Back to plan A, parked under the front room window with Micheal`s car blocking the drive.

Sam, typical Honda rider, is straight on Grindr :oops:😂

We had a walk down to the sea front for a bite to eat and a few beers. Micheal and Sarah gave us directions for the quickest route, Sam said he knew a shortcut. We didn`t get lost apparently, just Sam`s shortcut was blocked by the sea!!! This didn`t bode well for the ride home the next day, Sam was leading.

Sunday morning, Micheal and Sarah waved us off, we took the coast road South out of Scarborough, then picked up the B1242 to Withernsea for a spot of lunch. Ended up sat in the sunshine, next to the best bike, with a sea view, eating fish and chips. Can it get any better.


Back to Sam`s for a cuppa and a debrief, and wild plans for 2020!!!

Just goes to show, you don`t have to go far for a good laugh and an adventure.
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