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Just put this on eBay at more money, it’s had its first service has a datatagg, 2 keys, full book new condition 970 miles lovely little bike ....4 months Honda possible in uk ...Netherlands and Spain

Two tiny chips out of the way on the fuel tank in front of the seat is its only blemish of note but honestly not noticeable

Not desperate to sell but it is not getting used £2600 strict on here’s on eBay at £2770


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Dirty Leeds

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It was £2600 on here and df it was £2770 on eBay
It was another price as well on df ages ago but I was encouraged to keep it, I then advertised it yesterday at a revised price as the market has changed to the point of you cannot get a new yellow one so people are asking and paying stronger money seemingly... I have a local guy willing to pay £2700 bare in mind another local guy was willing to pay £2800 a while back

so it was mates rates on here I reckon


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Try the other place. I hear there is a wee little short fella over there that would fit the bike just grand. (y)