Can anyone recommend a good cable/pipe detector please..


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Can anyone recommend a decent meter that detects electric cables and pipes in walls please ... i realise there’s plenty to choose from but i’d just like to know what’s decent and does what it says on the tin so to speak..

Thank you



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I got one on Ebay for a tenner ages ago, i can't remember the make but it did the job.(y)


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They are all as good as the person using them. Mine have all been next to useless but the Bosch one was least useless. :)
A ++ on the Bosch one from me, circa £150 a few years back. Just lent ours out to a mate.
Our day to day tool is the pro version of this... DIY is £70ish from Amazon... you'll need a smart phone.
Note silver foil backed plaster board has really killed these type of things off.
And correct use of any tool renders the device useful, sadly most tools aren't.