Arai Quantic


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Done 80 miles on the mighty Panzer this morning to test out my new Arai.
Very impressed with it, extremely comfortable and the vents work superbly.
Open them up and you can feel the cool air flowing over your bonce, better than my RX7V in that aspect.
Quieter than the RX7 as well although there is still wind noise but not buffeting which drives me up the wall.
Feels a bit lighter than the RX7 but not much in it to be honest, the Quantic is 1600g I believe.

Comes with a Max Vision Pinlock which does its job superbly, it’s the same visor as the RX7 so I’ve nicked the dark visor to put on the Quantic.
I’ve also fitted my Interphone, there’s cutouts in the cheek pads for the headphones and very simple to fit. I tested it out as I wanted to try my new sat nav bracket and no issues at all.
The lid is easier to put on and take off as the opening is a tad wider and the chin piece is not as close as the RX7.
Very pleased with it, can’t beat a new lid in my eyes. You don’t realise how worn your existing lid is till you get a new one.

Only negative I suppose could be the price, plain colours are £499 but I had a discount code which gave me 10% off.
But it’s a top quality crash helmet and in my eyes it’s worth it.