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Does anyone have a MV Agusta F4 1000 and if so can you measure for me, the distance in length from the furthest points, front to back (y)

I've just measured this one in my local dealer......... 14cm. 🤔



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I'll say one thing, the F3 was photogenic! I took it to a track day completely stock and, the suspension was way too soft for my 220 lb weight. Other than that, it did alright. I ended up selling it after a year though. It was just too small for me.

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This was the first session in experts. A bunch of the local racers were tuning up for a race there the following weekend so, I was mostly trying to stay out of the way and not crash a brand new bike! lol The front fork springs were way too soft for me so, I couldn't really ride the bike as fast as I would of liked. This bike had a quick shifter for upshift only and it didn't work all that well. It got me a couple of times during the session. Also, I raced all my career on Michelin or Dunlops so, the street Perelli's were a question mark too. It was still fun to get out on it though. It was the first one in the area and it got a lot of attention at the time. In hindsight, I should of kept the 848 I think.... I liked it a lot better!



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Bastards have ditched the Ohlins

I’m waiting for the nurburgring speshial 35k limited edition 😎
We all see beauty in different ways but to me that looks like it’s got a top box and panniers fitted when i know it actually ain’t ... X