A928 from A90 Peterden to Glamis and Kirriemuir


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If you are heading north up the A90 from Dundee to Aberdeen, are bored with the dual carriageway and have a few minutes to spare, here is a wee diversion for a bit of fun. It is practically on my doorstep and I often go home this way for a change.

About 5 miles North of Dundee turn left on to the A928 (Glamis. Kirriemuir).
This will lead you over a mile or so of moorland with a series of sweeping bends that you hardly need to slow down for followed by a sharp right hander then a left hand hairpin taking you up Lumley Den. A steep hill with a few more bends on the way up. As you come over the top you will be treated to a fantastic view over Strathmore looking towards the Angus Glens and the Grampians.
The other side is all down hill for the next 4 miles or so with a couple of fast bends a long straight, more bends then a fast left/right/left/right through the trees (watch out for grit and wet leaves) before reaching the A94 at Glamis.
At this point you can take the A94 to Forfar re-joining the A90 at the McDonald’s Junction, or cross over and continue on to Kirriemuir. You won’t be disappointed with another 5 miles of more fast (and slow) bends. At Kirriemuir you can then take the A926 back to the A90 at the north end of the Forfar Bypass or carry on through Kirrie and take the B957 through Tannadice, re-joining the A90 at Finavon. The first couple of miles of this bit aren’t up to much but it improves. Take care when going through the quaint village of Tannadice and as on all country roads watch out for tractors, mud or dung on the road and stray animals.


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sounds like a good diversion - I have a mate in Aberdeen who I may be going to see this summer and anything to make the journey a little more interesting would be welcome.


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Was on that road a few days ago. Just as described a brill road for a bike.:D