Community Guidelines

Guidelines, rules & advice on forum use. Please read.

This forum has been created for its members to share their love of all things Ducati. Now we know many Ducati owners also have other bikes as well so don't think this forum is limited to Ducati, it's not, we're all bikers and we all love bikes of whatever type and anything to do with bikes so please feel free to talk about anything bike related.

Think of the forum as a virtual motorcycle club, we've a Cafe area where you can meet others and chat about anything you want, not just bikes but life in general. We've a Workshop area where you can get, or provide, solutions to any bike related technical problem. There are Showrooms for you to show off your bikes, a Kit room for the sharing of views and opinions on clothing and gadgets, the Garage where you'll find all the models and a host of other areas. Just like in any club some areas are open to all and some are reserved for Members only.

Like any club we have rules. The basic one is just be a decent human being and treat others how you would want to be treated by others. Don't be an arse.

Please note we will not tolerate any posts that are racist, incite violence towards others, are homophobic or that contain pornography. If you see posts like this use the 'report' function to flag it to a Moderator who will deal with the post and the poster accordingly.

Finally, note that all views and opinions are those of the poster and not the view or opinion of the Ducati Community Forum as a whole, nor are those views endorsed by the Admin team simply because they have not edited or deleted the opinion or statement.